To request a delivery or pick-up, please fill out the following form. Note that deliveries are only available to library members and trial members. Please have your library card or MIT ID available for identification purposes. Finally, all items borrowed are subject to the standard library rules. In particular, you are responsible for making sure items are returned on time to the library if there are no delivery hours available.

For delivery to all dorms, we will contact you to set up a delivery time, so please specify your e-mail address. For deliveries to Next House or Simmons, you may specify a room number; otherwise a location such as 'front desk.' A cell phone number is not required but it is helpful.

Room Number or Delivery Location:
Item ID / Name or 'Return':
Requested Delivery Date:
Requested Delivery Time:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
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Delivery Hours

These are some times when deliveries are convenient. If your dorm is not listed fill out the form and we will contact you.