Library Rules and Office Hours

While we try to showcase the best of anime in our weekly screenings, there's a lot more out there than we can possibly show. Therefore, we also maintain a large collection of anime and manga in our circulating library. Library cardholders gain the additional privilege of checking out items from our library for home viewing; for more information, consult the section below.

We hold weekly office hours in our library in W20-445 (fourth floor of the Student Center). All are invited to come in during these times to browse our extensive collections, and library cardholders may use these hours to borrow materials. In addition, non-members are also free to come in and read our manga and watch our anime during this time.

Office Hours

These are the times when someone will definitely be in the library. Officers often hold unscheduled office hours, so if you're in the Student Center, feel free to stop by!

Delivery Hours

These are the times when deliveries will be available. Note the dorm specified.

Library Cardholders

Individuals may apply for a library card on an academic term-by-term basis. The card allows one to check out up to 30 items at any given time (up to 6 DVDs, 6 manga/books, 6 audio CDs, 6 fansub discs, 6 VHS tapes); upon return, they may check out additional items.

Unlike regular memberships, a library card requires a semesterly fee of $5 ($7 for non-students). Additionally, cardholders are required to submit a $10 deposit that will be returned by request upon the card's expiration. Freshmen and new students to MIT are allowed one term free.

To apply for a library card, complete the following form and submit it with payment to officers at any showing or office hour.

Trial Memberships

MIT students and staff may also apply for a trial membership. Trial members do not receive a card, but should instead bring their MIT ID to identify themselves. Trial members may check out up to 5 items at any given time (up to 1 DVD/Blu-Ray, 1 manga/book, 1 audio CD, 1 fansub disc, 1 VHS tape); upon return, they may check out additional items.

Unlike full memberships, trial memberships are free.

To become a trial member, e-mail and we will add you as a member.

Library Checkout Polices

How to request items for checkout

Requests are not necessary if you come to office hours to check items out. However, if you would like to pick up items at a showing or event, or would like to have an item delivered, please e-mail with a list of your requests.